Belmont Centre

hypnotherapy treatment & training in South East Kent


For a full list of forthcoming courses and to book a course please visit the shop. Below is a summary of the types of course we have on offer.

The Healing Grace - Highway to Health

Rewire the pathways of your brain, and take a short cut to success.

Discover your own inner healing tool

Relieve discomfort and the emotonal issues from your past

Imagine you are entering your own personal computer - with a difference.

Imagine giving a negetive emotion (virus) a colour which you can observe and delete or change into a positive response.


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Refresher Course for Hypnotherapy

Also suitable for those who wish to know more about hypnotherapy and to learn new techniques. This course lasts for one day and includes lunch. Please advise us in advance of any special dietary requirements. Dates are flexible and can be arranged once booked; weekends are available. £75 all inclusive including certificate.

Please visit the shop to book or contact us for further details.

The Belmont Centre Diploma

Available as a one to one course with flexible course times and pay as you go option or available as a small group course which enables you to work with others.

To graduate successfully in studying The Belmont Centre Diploma in Hypnotherapy, a commitment of ten months is required from each undergraduate. One complete weekend each month for ten consecutive months represents the attendance commitment. In terms of accommodation, preferential rates have been negotiated with a variety of hotels and guest houses that are all located within a reasonable 'walking' distance from The Belmont Centre and these rates are available to all undergraduates during each weekend.
The Belmont Centre Diploma in Hypnotherapy consists of ten separate Modules and one Module is completed during each training weekend. The Course content of each Module is highlighted below:

Module Number Module Content
 Module 1 The History of Hypnotherapy

An introduction to the "awareness of self"

The anatomy of the Brain

Suggestability Tests

 Module 2 Autonomic Brain

An introduction to Hypnosis

The voice and breathing



Personality Types

 Module 3 Endocrine System

The physiology of the Brain

The power of suggestion

Ideo-Motor Anchoring

Video Bruce Lipton PhD - Cell Biology

 Module 4

The Immune System

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Introducing Dave Elman


 Module 5 The Limbic System

An introduction to the Belmont Way - "Putting it Together"

Revision & Practice

Flight & Fight

 Module 6 Freud

An introduction to Self-Hypnosis

What it is to be human

Phobias - Practice

 Module 7 Stress Management & Video

Pain Control


 Module 8 An introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Meta Modelling etc

 Module 9 Pain Management and an examination of 'mental states'



 Module 10 Revision

The Examination for The Belmont Centre Diploma in 

 Module 11  The Examination


Diploma Fee Terms and Conditions of Payment
£2,000.00 - A deposit of £500 must be received at the time of securing your attendance and ten further sums of £150 must be paid upon your arrival at each residential weekend Module. There is a £100 discount if the fee paid in full before the start of the course.

PLEASE NOTE After qualifying:-
If you intend to practice, professional insurance is mandatory. The fee for £2,500,000 cover with MAIB is £63.50