Belmont Centre

hypnotherapy treatment & training in South East Kent


The Belmont Centre based in Ramsgate in South East Kent offers hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, psychotherapy, meditation and spiritualist services to promote a healthy mind, body and soul. Founded in 1981 by Jean Murton and Morton Healey, The Belmont Centre has also established itself as an internationally accredited Institute and Centre of Excellence for teaching in the fascinating fields of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Neuro-Linguistics Programming.


The Belmont Centre operates as a valued and effective Practice in the aforementioned disciplines and it has treated thousands of clients very successfully in their respective challenges to overcome an inexhaustible range of psychometric problems: e.g. phobias, compulsions, addictions, anxiety, etc. Following the conclusion of the healing process, the following summary highlights some of the successful transformations that can be attained:


Psychometric Condition    The Healing Process The Remarkable Transformation at the Conclusion of the Healing Process
Those who suffer with anxieties ... can become ...   Confident and Positive in their Approach to Life
Those who smoke addictively ... can become ... "Non-smokers"
Those who drink alcohol addictively ... can become ... "Non-drinkers"
Those who are categorised as "also rans"   ... can become ...  "Winners"


The Belmont Hypnotherapy Centre also offers services from Jeanne Kent, who is an International Clairvoyant & Holistic Healer. Please visit her website